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Algebra & Combinatorics Seminar

Title: Projective representations of discrete nilpotent groups
Speaker: Pooja Singla (IIT Kanpur)
Date: 08 January 2021
Time: 3 pm
Venue: Zoom (online)

The study of projective representations of a group has a long history starting from the work of Schur. Two essential ingredients to study the group’s projective representations are describing its Schur multiplier and representation group. In this talk, we describe these for the discrete Heisenberg groups. We also include a few general results regarding projective representations of finitely generated discrete nilpotent groups. This talk is based on the joint work with Sumana Hatui and E.K. Narayanan.

Contact: +91 (80) 2293 2711, +91 (80) 2293 2265 ;     E-mail: chair.math[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in
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