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Mamta Balodi (Ph.D., MNNIT Allahabad)

Research Areas: Quantum Algebra
UserID: mamtabalodi
Fellowship: IISc Raman PDF

Kiran Kumar Behera (Ph.D., IIT Roorkee)

Research Areas: Operator Theory
UserID: kiranbehera
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Sudip Bera (Ph.D., Visva-Bharati University)

Research Areas: Algebraic Graph Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics
UserID: sudipbera
Fellowship: NBHM

Projesh Nath Choudhury (Ph.D., IIT Madras)

Research Areas: Linear algebra (with combinatorial flavour)
UserID: projeshc
Fellowship: NBHM

Gopal Datt (Ph.D., University of Delhi)

Research Areas: Normal families of meromorphic functions, Nevanlinna theory, normality in several complex variables, complex dynamics
UserID: gopaldatt
Fellowship: NPDF

Asha Kisan Dond (Ph.D., IIT Bombay)

Research Areas: PDE
UserID: ashadond
Fellowship: NBHM

Deb Kumar Giri (Ph.D., IIT Guwahati)

Research Areas: Harmonic Analysis
UserID: debkumarg
Fellowship: NBHM

Anupam Gumber (Ph.D., IIT Indore)

Research Areas: Frame Theory, Harmonic analysis and its applications, Time-frequency analysis, Approximation theory, Function spaces, Operator theory, Group representation theory
UserID: anupamgumber
Fellowship: NBHM

Sumana Hatui (Ph.D., HRI, Allahabad)

Research Areas: Group Theory, Schur multiplier
UserID: sumanahatui
Fellowship: NBHM

Divya Khurana (Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)

Research Areas: Geometry of Banach spaces, greedy-type approximation algorithms
UserID: divyakhurana
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Arun Maiti (Ph.D., Universitat Leipzig)

Research Areas: String topology.
UserID: arunmaiti
Fellowship: NBHM

Dipendu Maity (Ph.D., IIT Patna)

Research Areas: Combinatorial topology
UserID: dipendumaity
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Gouranga Mallik (Ph.D., IIT Bombay)

Research Areas: PDE, finite element method
UserID: gourangam
Fellowship: NBHM

Ramesh Manna (Ph.D., HRI, Allahabad)

Research Areas: Harmonic Analysis
UserID: rameshmanna
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Kaustubh Manchanda (Ph.D., JNU)

Research Areas: Dynamics
UserID: kaustubhm
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Vishnu Priya Nataraj (Ph.D., Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu)

Research Areas: Solitons, Rogue waves, Nonlinear Integrable systems
UserID: vishnupriyan
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Anirudha Poria (Ph.D., IIT Guwahati)

Research Areas: Applied Harmonic Analysis, Frame Theory, Functional Analysis, Time-Frequency Analysis
UserID: anirudhap
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Tamal Pramanick (Ph.D., IIT Guwahati)

Research Areas: Numerical analysis, Partial differential equations, Finite element method
UserID: tamalp
Fellowship: NBHM

Bikramaditya Sahu (Ph.D., NISER Bhubaneshwar)

Research Areas: Algebraic Combinatorics, Finite Geometry
UserID: bikramadityas
Fellowship: NBHM

Debamalya Sain (Ph.D., Jadavpur)

Research Areas: Geometry of normed linear spaces
UserID: debamalyasain
Fellowship: UGC Kothari

Srijan Sarkar (Ph.D., ISI Bangalore)

Research Areas: Multivariate Operator Theory
UserID: srijans
Fellowship: NBHM

Sneh Bala Sinha (Ph.D., HRI, Allahabad)

Research Areas: Number theory
UserID: snehasinha
Fellowship: NBHM

Abhitosh Upadhyay (Ph.D., Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi)

Research Areas: Semi-Riemannian geometry, Biconservative/Biharmonic hypersurfaces and submanifolds
UserID: abhitoshu
Fellowship: NPDF

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