To apply for a faculty postion, please follow the procedure described here. You will be asked to submit:

You may also wish to contact a faculty member in a subject related to yours if you are considering applying for a position at our department.

General information about the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is available on the IISc website. Information about the Department of Mathematics is available on the Department website.

Some useful tips:

In case you have decided to apply to the Department of Mathematics at IISc, here are a couple of points that might be useful to bear in mind.

  1. The Department of Mathematics aims to recruit, over time, mathematicians with increasingly strong academic records. Thus, if you are interested in applying and there are colleagues in the department who work in your area of interest, then you might find it helpful to talk/write to a colleague who was hired relatively recently to get a sense of the prevailing standards in hiring. You might also find it useful to know that, since September 2015, IISc has adopted a new tenure system, details of which are given here.
  1. Since the eventual settlement of all job applications (numbering in the hundreds) across all departments is done centrally, it might not be possible for the Registrar to notify applicants individually that a position has been filled. However, if you gave a job-talk, then feel free to contact the chair of the department at chair.math[at] a couple of months after your talk to inquire informally about your application.

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