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Apr 28, 2021 John Lott (UC Berkeley) Comparison geometry of holomorphic bisectional curvature, and limit spaces
Apr 21, 2021 Fulvio Ricci (SNS Pisa, Italy) Multi-parameter structures on $R^n$ and nilpotent groups
Apr 21, 2021 Lorenzo Ruffoni (Florida State Univ) Tame and relatively elliptic CP1-structures on surfaces
Apr 14, 2021 Tapendu Rana (IIT, Bombay) Wiener Tauberian Theorems on SL(2,R)
Apr 14, 2021 Radhika Gupta (Temple University) Uniform exponential growth for groups acting on CAT(0) cube complexes
Apr 09, 2021 Mahan MJ (TIFR) Combining Rational maps and Kleinian groups via orbit equivalence - II
Apr 07, 2021 Sabyasachi Mukherjee (TIFR) Combining Rational maps and Kleinian groups via orbit equivalence - I
Apr 07, 2021 Deb Kumar Giri (IISc Mathematics) Heisenberg uniqueness pairs for the hyperbola and the Perron-Frobenius operators
Mar 31, 2021 Sucharit Sarkar (UCLA) Khovanov homotopy type
Mar 31, 2021 Agnieszka Hejna (University of Wrocław, Poland) Harmonic analysis and Hormander's multiplier theorem in the rational Dunkl setting
Mar 26, 2021 Nidhi Rathi (IISc Mathematics) Algorithmic and Hardness Results for Fundamental Fair-Division Problems
Mar 24, 2021 Radouan Daher (University of Hassan II, Morocco) A note of Titchmarsh theorem and approximation theory on the sphere
Mar 24, 2021 Andrew Zimmer (U Wisconsin-Madison) Anosov representations of geometrically finite Fuchsian groups
Mar 17, 2021 Shrihari Sridharan (IISER, Thiruvananthapuram) A Laplacian on the unilateral shift space
Mar 17, 2021 Kewei Zhang (Beijing Normal University) The optimal exponent of certain Moser-Trudinger type inequality on polarized manifolds.
Mar 10, 2021 Divyang Bhimani (IISER, Pune) Strong ill-posedness for nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Mar 03, 2021 Lakshmi Priya M. E. (IISc Mathematics) Nodal sets of random functions
Mar 03, 2021 Chandan Biswas (IISc Mathematics) An inverse problems approach to sharp estimates in harmonic analysis
Feb 24, 2021 Arka Mallick (Technion, Haifa, Israel) Optimal exponential integrability of maps with finite non convex energy
Feb 17, 2021 Joonil Kim (Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea) Newton Polyhedra associated with global domains
Feb 10, 2021 Eunhee Jeong (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea) Sharp $L^p-L^q$ estimate for the spectral projection associated with the twisted Laplacian
Feb 03, 2021 Sanghyuk Lee (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea) Sharp $L^p-L^q$ estimates for the Hermite spectral projection
Feb 01, 2021 Paramita Pramanick (IISc Mathematics) Trace Estimate For The Determinant Operator and K-Homogeneous Operators
Jan 27, 2021 Anupam Gumber (IISc Mathematics) On translation invariance of the mixed frame operator
Jan 20, 2021 Nishant Chandgotia (TIFR-CAM, Bengaluru) On Riesz sets
Jan 13, 2021 Maria del Mar Gonzalez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) Non-local ODE via conformal geometry
Jan 08, 2021 Pooja Singla (IIT Kanpur) Projective representations of discrete nilpotent groups
Jan 06, 2021 Hans Georg Feichtinger (Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria) Time-frequency analysis and suitable function spaces

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