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Title: A series identity, possibly connected with a divisor problem, in Ramanujan's Lost Notebook
Speaker: Atul Dixit (Tulane University, USA)
Date: 05 March 2014
Time: 5 pm
Venue: LH-2, Mathematics Department

On page 336 in his lost notebook, S. Ramanujan proposes an identity that may have been devised to attack a divisor problem. Unfortunately, the identity is vitiated by a divergent series appearing in it. We prove here a corrected version of Ramanujan’s identity. While finding a plausible explanation for what may have led Ramanujan to consider a series that appears in this identity, we are led to a connection with a generalization of the famous summation formula of Vorono. One of the ramifications stemming from this work allows us to obtain a one-variable generalization of two double Bessel series identities of Ramanujan that were proved only recently. This is work in progress and is joint with Bruce C. Berndt, Arindam Roy and Alexandru Zaharescu.

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