Publications are displayed in the Publications page only, but the data processing is more complicated than other cases, so is outlined below (as is the code for the publications page).

Data and pre-processing

The publications page uses the YAML data file pubs.yaml, but this is not supposed to be directly edited. Instead it is generated by a script from two sources:

The BibTeX file is translated to yaml and combined with the extra-pubs file by the custom script bib2yaml. This is a scala script based on the Ammonite REPL. This has to be run from the base directory of the repository after updated a source file.

The extrapubs file

Below is an extract from the extrapubs.yaml file, which is in the yaml format.

Each publication has a separate entry beginning with a hyphen, with all fields directly below the first (i.e., the format is based on indentation). The order of the fields does not matter.

Warning: The colon has a special meaning, so if an entry has a colon, enclose it in quotation marks.

The publications page

The publications page itself has the source file as below. Edit this to show how publications are rendered. This shows the publications for the latest 15 years by year sorted alphabetically, and then the earlier publications.

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Last updated: 17 Oct 2019