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This Centre aims in bringing together scientists working in both the mathematical sciences and biological sciences areas to solve problems of biological importance. It is planned to develop tools and techniques for modeling, analysis, computations and simulations. These activities will address interesting mathematical questions on the topics of differential equations, probability and statistics, graphs and combinatorics and algorithms and complexity. The programmme will comprise joint research projects and instructional workshops. Technical reports, research papers and software tools will be available in the public domain for the benefit of researchers in other institutions.


To carry out front-line research on topics in mathematical biology, in three tracks:

  • Neuroscience
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • Mechanics of cells.

  • Click here for: Application Procedure for Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences Programme
    If you are intrested in this programme please select your preference department as Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences Programme in the online application form.

    MSc candidates should choose their branch/specialization as explained below Branch/Specialization: If you have studied branch in:

  • Any of the biological science fields like biology, microbiology, zoology, genetics, biotechnology etc., you should select “Biological Sciences” as your branch.

  • Any of the chemical science fields like organic chemistry, applied chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemistry etc., you should select “Chemical Sciences” as your branch.

  • Any of the physical science fields like applied physics, radio physics,geophysics, physics etc., you should select “Physical Sciences” as your branch.

  • Any of the mathematical science fields like applied mathematics, statistics, mathematics etc., you should select “Mathematical Sciences” as your branch.

    Project Proposals 2017 - 2018

    The candidates shortlisted for PhD interviews under the Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences Programme are requested to select one or more project proposals of their interest from the list given at the
    webpage below.

    They need to indicate their project(s) of choice when they come for the interview. The candidates will be interviewed by the appropriate committee(s) based on their choice of project(s).



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