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Algebra & Combinatorics Seminar

Title: The rank spectral sequence on Quillen's Q construction
Speaker: Bruno Kahn (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche, Paris, France)
Date: 25 August 2022
Time: 12 pm
Venue: LH-1, Mathematics Department

I will explain a generalisation of the constructions Quillen used to prove that the $K$-groups of rings of integers are finitely generated. It takes the form of a ‘rank’ spectral sequence, converging to the homology of Quillen’s $Q$-construction on the category of coherent sheaves over a Noetherian integral scheme, and whose $E^1$ terms are given by homology of Steinberg modules. Computing its $d^1$ differentials is a challenge, which can be approached through the universal modular symbols of Ash-Rudolph.

Contact: +91 (80) 2293 2711, +91 (80) 2293 2265 ;     E-mail: chair.math[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in
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