The data of various groups of people - faculty, students, staff, etc. are in _data files_ in a format called YAML . For example, below is the beginning of the file faculty.html. This is the file that you must edit to update or correct data etc.

Each faculty member has a separate entry beginning with a hyphen, with all fields directly below the first (i.e., the format is based on indentation). The order of the fields does not matter.

Warning: The colon has a special meaning, so if an entry has a colon, enclose it in quotation marks.

Note that if a website is not specified for a faculty member, then it is assumed to be the standard website with url"user-id".

The other groups of people have similar pages, with the data in a YAML file in the data folder and the page itself using this data. Usually only the data file is updated, with the html file using this edited only for global changes. However, note that the defaults are different for different groups of people: for example, if a student's entry does not mention a website, it is assumed that the student does not have a website, so even the standard website if present should be given.


The actual Faculty web page is an html page with some templating (using Jekyll's _liquid_ templating language). Edit this if you want a change affecting all faculty members or the layout of the page. The source code is as below:

Common content

The header, footer and navigation bar are included as the page uses the default layout.

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Last updated: 17 Oct 2019