There are two different aspects to course listings: the course details and courses offered by semester. We first look at course details.

Course Details

The coures in the catalogue form a collection, with one source file for each courses. These are the files in the _all-courses folder. By convention, these have names of the form for a course with code "123".

A typical course file is as below (you may want to see this in raw form).

The top-matter, i.e, the part between the lines with just three hyphens, should include the course code, title and references and prerequisites as appropriate. Note that this is formatted by indentation (i.e., spaces), so ensure that spacing is as in the above example.

Note: You must include a course code - if it is not available, use a placeholder. Courses are sorted by their codes in the catalogue, so the site will not compile if a course file has no code.

For each course file, the information is automatically included in the catalogue and a separate page is created for each course. If you wish to edit the catalogues layout, you should edit its source, which is as below.

The separate pages for the courses are based on the course layout. This is as below.

Courses offered by semester

Details of courses offered by semester are in the YAML data file courses.yaml. An extract from this is as below.


This data is rendered according to the course-list source file as current and upcoming courses.

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